Young people still travelling, despite economic slowdown



    According to a just-released survey by Global, young people won't be changing their travel ways anytime soon, despite the present global economic downturn.

一項根據Global Gossip.com的最新統計指出:即使目前的世界經濟景氣下滑,年輕人還是不會改變他們的旅遊計畫。

    Interviewing 1500 plus young people from Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Spain and the UK, a whopping 87% of respondents polled plan to either travel more or said, “who cares, I’m sticking to my original plans” when asked if the current economic woes will affect their travel plans.

這項統計訪問了超過1500名來自澳洲、斐濟、紐西蘭、西班牙及英國的年輕人:「最近的全球金融危機是否會影響到他們的旅遊計畫?」 87%的受訪者回答:『誰在乎啊! 我仍然會依照原來的計畫成行』

    The results further document the resilience of the youth, student and educational travel market and the uniqueness of our community.


Results from 1548 participants aged 19-29 when asked,
with the current global economic uncertainties will you:

64%  Who cares, I’m sticking to my original plans
23%  Travel more until it blows over
12%  cut your budget and your trip shorter

介於19-29歲的1548名受訪者年齡,當被問到 :

64% 回答-誰在乎啊! 我仍然會依照原來的計畫成行

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