The train departures at 7:27. I woke up around 5:30, get ready then taking Metro to there. It’s better be there 30 minutes earlier. In case there is something you need to issue with. 

  Well, I’m pretty lucky, I was there around 6:55. It was a sunny but windy day. It probably rains later, but I didn’t know since I was leaving. 

  There were a group of Korean took the same train too. They are quite annoying, but thank god, I didn’t take the same car with them.

  The train is quite nice, lots space, so you can lay on the chair very comfortable, also, they have free snacks, nice, finally, I got something to eat. 

  But, funny thing is a NICE Russia lady asked me do I want some coffee or tea. I was thinking: wow, nice, even offer the free coffee and I was so frozen there, so I said: Yeah, a hot and black coffee. Without sugar and cream. Well, she gave me a hot but super sweet coffee… anyway, I didn’t complaint since I think that’s free.

  After that, she tried to convince me to order the lunch in the dinner car. But since I have no rubs so I didn’t order any. Suddenly, she said: well, you have to pay for your COFFEE.

  Wow… what a ~~~~~ hr…. fine, I think that’s russia. I gave her my last 30rubs. And want to take a long nap anyway.


  反正,我就是有倒楣因子的人。因為我睡覺前想去上洗手間。我就跑去上了,準備回座位時,怎麼一群人圍在我座位旁。還有我最討厭看到的俄國簽證官。然後一個女警匆匆忙忙說:She is here. 


1. Why did you travel alone? (FXXX, since I don’t have boyfriend and I didn’t married and I didn’t have kid so I have to travel alone. Yeah I was having an accompany: My Teddy Bear, but I lost it at Moscow. What a stupid question…)

2. You didn’t look like the same person as your passport… (FXXX again, are you blind? it’s same girl, just couple years younger. God…)

3. Do you have any documents that you can prove who you are.. (林娘卡好勒~~~you hold my passport that’s what documents that I can prove who I am)

4. So, you are going to UK studying, do you have any documents that you can prove it…. (林北卡好勒~~~ you hold my passport that the UK Student VISA is inside there)

5. I need to see your other documents that you can prove you are the same person…. 我他媽火大,我就把我的身分證給他看。管他看不看得懂。反正,我就說我就只有這個:This is my Taiwan ID Card, this is what I have.

  結果是,千好用萬好用,底不過Citi Bank Credit Card好用。因為我拿身分證的時候,順便抽出了花旗我老北幫我辦得附卡,白金卡的威力在哪裡?他看到那張卡說了一聲:Oh…. Citi Bank VISA… okay. Thank you.


  後來,來了Finland的海關,就okay 多啦。東西看一看,還問我要怎麼玩。聽到他都傻眼。


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